The World’s Most Awkward Human Writes a Strongly Worded Email

Lindsey Toth
1 min readMay 25, 2021

In this episode of The World’s Most Awkward Human…

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I sent a long email to Santa Clara University about the issues I’ve had trying to access my accounts in order to have transcripts sent for my grad school application. This is probably because I finished my undergrad before the invention of the internet… it’s been a process. I ended my complain-y email with “I’ve attached all previous communications about this problem below”.

Pointed. Direct. Maybe even a little sassy.

Then, utter devastation… the email that I see in my SENT folder is titled “The Waiting Game is Over”…. I had NOT, in fact, sent them the previous email communications I’d had with Santa Clara’s Registrar… but INDEED I had sent them my order confirmation for LuluLemon Wunder Under Leggings… with extra tummy flattening capabilities. :| Dear Lord.

[originally posted on Facebook January 17, 2020]

**All Most Awkward Human stories are real life events from my awkward and very rarely exaggerated perspective. This incident occurred in Willow Glen/ San Jose, CA. Somehow, I was able to get my transcripts and was accepted into a graduate program. Hooray!**



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